Our PHILOSOPHY is to make our customers happy by transforming their property into a better, more comfortable, appealing and enjoyable space.  Our GOAL is to cater to the customers’ needs, demands and desires in order to improve their living environments and the quality of life.

We ensure that our clients enjoy the results of our work. Our services include general construction and building services as well as highly customised individually tailored design solutions for house and gardens. We work with a variety of materials and can address any room or garden improvement requirements from tiling, painting, insulation, shelving, flooring, landscaping, handyman and emergency jobs, as well as furniture restoration, upholstery, blind fitting, and other needs arising in every home, you name it.

We have been in Ireland for over a decade and are known for our projects being done to the highest standards.  We have complete construction, building, decoration and landscaping projects in various locations throughout Ireland, with the majority of them being in Dublin and its surrounds and a number of residential and holiday homes in the West of Ireland.

Leonardas Construction provides impeccable service, guaranteeing the desired high quality results. As we take pride in what we do, we always succeed in making the customer satisfied with the exceptional standard of our work.